Photon Project

Photon Project presents Photon 1.0

Collective Arts Exhibition

The Photon project revolves around the theme of visual arts and its continuous expansion as an increasingly recognized multifaceted discipline. Photon 1.0 will showcase some of London’s best projection and performance based visual artists, expanding public awareness to the infinite number of possibilities that this medium has to offer.

The selection of our artists has been made in order to give a varied view of contemporary products and techniques available in multimedia performance.

Photon 1.0 will be launched in the creative hub of East London’s Shoreditch, an area synonymous with those interested in the arts and related disciplines. Consistently showcasing unique events and unusual spaces, Hackney welcomes everyone to breathe in its bohemian atmosphere.

@ the victorian vaults warehouse

an underground space with high ceilings, blank canvas walls and alcove areas, ideal for visual performance with stable lighting conditions.


Sponsored by


Junk Beam

vj / Augmented Reality / Projection Mapping / Commercial Production

Junk Beam is an independent digital creative agency, they specialise in experiential advertising and live events, creating all our of content in-house here in the UK out of our East London office. Sitting at the forefront of current advances in technology we bring our own artistic and innovative touch to emerging trends such as Projection mapping and Augmented Reality. Junk Beam believe that in a world of rapidly changing technology, experience remains the foundation of all communication, bridging the gap between digital and physical.



VJ / Video Artist / WALKABOUT Projection / Interactive Installations

They create distinctive digital visuals for events and brands. They can make your space come alive with bespoke reactive projections and installations.

They can make your guests immerse in an optically intoxicating environment. They can create unique spaces where the walls come alive as your guests move.

They can envelop the audience with digital visuals that react to sound and motion. London-based, they have created memorable visuals for Converse, Carphone Warehouse, Wrigley’s, Dunhill and more. They specialise in reactive visuals which can be programmed to respond to sound or movement.

Bill Culbert Artwork

Apparati Effimeri

Stereoscophy / Interactivity / Multi-projection

Surprise, involve, excite these are the components that drive the creative spirit of Apparati Effimeri. Apparati Effimeri is a Visual Design Studio which carries out 3D visual projects, aimed at creating spectacular effects through creative contents. The visual communication of Apparati Effimeri is boundless and creates unique sensory experiences. Reality is re-examined, enlarged, imagined, narrated. The visual language of Apparati Effimeri is captivating and makethe message immediate and comprehensible and therefore suited for every kind of requirements, either business or culture. The highly specialised staff of Apparati Effimeri make use of artistic and technical-scientific professional advice in order to carry out their projects.


Anomalous Visuals

interdisciplinary artists / CREATE / PERFORM / RECORD

Anomalous Visuals is a collective of interdisciplinary artists that CREATE // PERFORM // RECORD

Specialising in both conceptual and documentary image creation, AV utilise a wide range of narrative concepts and technical skills to generate a dynamic overlap between analogue and digital audio/visual productions.

From the construction of uniquely stylised imagery combining photography, moving image, motion graphics and animation, through to custom built interactive installations, cinematic screenings, beat reactive visuals and 360° degree immersive projections, AV pride themselves on expressive multimedia outcomes to suit any location and theme.


VAMA Visuals

vj / Projection Mapping / Interactive Installations

Good Djs are a key element for the positive outcome of a party. Vjs represent the add on to the whole musical experience. They work around our customers, we research and develop around the commissioner’s various requests whilst we suggest new ways of communication.

Visuals that aren’t merely projections of sequential videos but are instead a synergistic mix of a perceptible show. We have expanded our comfort zone from the 2D representation into the 3D mapping concept. Videos that take stage on physical objects such as blinds, cubes and spheres working as a support to the 2D performance. Transforming the artificial object into an animated one that communicates with the music and its whole audience.


Carlos Jimenez

vj / Video Artist / filmmaker / photographer

Filmmaker and photographer.

The arrival of man on the moon is the point of departure for Gennao. Through the medium of live cinema, Gennao plays with the division between the individual and the collective. The manipulated scenes drive the main character from society to the loneliness of his thoughts. The collective memory of the audience completes the piece, serving as a reference to give the journey form. The barrier between the audience and the screen simulates the barrier between society and the individual, playing with the duality of absence-presence.



live Projection Mapping / visual artist / performance

Simulacrum is a collaboration project between artists Nestor Rubio and Maria Almena, both part of the London-based creative studio KIMATICA. The overlapping of two different realities (the physical and the virtual), creates a new augmented reality that gives new meaning to the perceived scene. The performer’s movements, surreal costumes, sound and light work together to induce a hypnotic and fantasy experience, playing with visual perception to take the viewer on an intensely powerful trip through colour, light, darkness and transformation. A depth camera (kinect) reads the scene, gathering data about the position of every point in space. The virtual representation of the scene is then sent to a program that generates the images that are projected back into the physical scene.



2D / 3D / Projection Mapping / Sculture / drawing

Alice Valentina Biga completed her BA in Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts, Turin in 2010. In September 2012 she completed her MA in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts, London. In the past year she has exhibited in various galleries across London including the Bite competition 2012 at Mall Galleries. Alice Valentina was awarded the prestigious East London Printmaking Studio Award for her end of year MA final show by the East London Printmakers studio.

Carlo Costacurta completed his BA in Architecture at IUAV, Venice in 2005. He completed a MA in New Technology of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2010. Carlo has been active as a digital artist since 2002 utilising media as virtual reality and as interactive installations. Between 2009 and 2012 he has been part of the collective Apparati Effimeri.

Erwin Canderle worked as a sound engineer at various shows in Italy between 2000 and 2009, when he moved to London and started working with visual installations. He now works as a stage technician combining the vibration of light with the physicality of matter through digital media. Some of his most interesting collaborations include: Transart festival, Manifesta 7, Swift Mastering and Hearcolours. He is now part of Menotv.

Richard Lucey sound designer



vj / visual artist / Projection Mapping

Born in Japan in 1987, Chihiro has been engaged in digital media since 2007, beginning to produce visual content at the same time as she started DJing, and has been active in both fields in Tokyo and elsewhere. In 2011 she relocated to England, and summer 2012 saw her work as a regular VJ over a three month period for the largest club in the world - Privilege in Ibiza. While in Ibiza she also participated in street art festival ‘BLOOP’, and has started working with installation art.



film / Projection Mapping / sculture

Lumieres is a collaborative cinematic installation between visual artist Carlos Jimenez and designers Mikael Metthey and Julien Anderson.

Wild Wild East visits the origin and structure of the "Western" by submerging the viewer into an installation where sculpture meets cinema.


vj / visual artist

Resident Vjs for the successful Holic parties.


Anna Sebastian and Rachel Dowel

visual artist / film / painting

Combining their opposing backgrounds in narrative painting and film editing, Anna Sebastian and Rachel Dowel, respectively, are interested in questioning the role of the media and advertising and their importance and influence in todays media centric society.

Anna Sebastian E x h i b i t i o n s: New Gallery, Otherness and Exile Peckham, May 2011 DOX Gallery, Control and Exile PragueMarch 2011, HBFK Institute, Now I can Live Hamburg, February 2011, Greenwich Picture House, February-March 2011, Steamford Works, Heterotopia Provocation Dalston, June 2010.


Gui Mutuel

DJ / producer

Gui Mutuel is a french dj/producer of electronic music since 2004. His main inspirations come from the minimal-deep music style. He plays long linear sets based on percussive elements, waves and chords.

He is a resident DJ of Mute nights (Batofar Paris) and plays among big international DJs such as Donato Dozzy, Marco Zenker, Cristi-cons, Cabanne, Julietta, San Proper... he currently lives between London and Paris to play and produce.

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Photon 1.0 - 02.03.2013


Gui Mutuel - Leave My Mind Podcast

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